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ElfQuest Fanfic Part 1 (google translation)

Former Quest.

Musical accompaniment: Matthias Steinwachs - Zanzarah: Dunmore; Deep Forest - Yuki Song

Throwing sparks at my frozen angel
Gathering the words to coax the fire to start
Turn the ice to water, the water into flood
The flood becomes a river, a river of pure love
Love comes into delta, nourishing the sea
Sea goes out to ocean
Ocean endlessly
(Forest - Yuki Song)

Chapter 1. A dream come true.

The forest was full of night sounds. Never have I felt so harmonious, comfortable and happy, even though she was going through a dark forest. However, the dark forest was not at all. On each side of midnight fireflies flickered through the trees were showing distant stars, but the moon shone most brightly. And the second, too ...

Ahem, what, sorry? The second moon? How is it? Why are two of them? And the truth is two, out, big and round, and side by side is the same, just smaller. How is this possible and where have you seen - two moons in our sky? In our skies? Well, that kind of nonsense, of course, in our ...
I gingerly stepped on a soft, damp moss bare feet. Weightless fabric of my dress sparkled tiny diamonds of all colors of the rainbow, as soon as it fell moonbeams. In piercing the night air was fresh scent of luscious foliage. Near flew owl hooting clearing announcing a warning, which I finally wandered. Meadow covered by both moons darivshimi her magical silvery radiance, and looked so wonderful that indescribable feeling of joy from the unexpected discovery filled my heart.
Speaking of the trees, I could see a hefty oak in the place of honor in the distance. It is as if every now and then immersed in a whitish haze, which swirled inside the magical lights. Oak was really huge, like a roomy house, a lot of holes in it resembled hollow.
I came closer and to my ears came the barely perceptible melody so pure and natural that it almost merged with the sounds of the forest at night. Having listened, I came close to an oak-giant, and clasped his hands, as far enough and pressed her cheek against the rough bark and closed her eyes. Unbelievable! A delightful melody could be heard from inside, right out of the tree, and I suddenly realized that it was calling me waiting when I'll find the way to the magic meadow where I find it - your new home.
This idea has lit up my mind, flushing kaleidoscope of visions, thousands of pieces of which revolved before my mind's eye, as long as I absorbed the energy of a live tree-house. I like the thought of a long-forgotten dream, but I could not catch a single episode to recover these memories. He caught glimpses of images and faces, new places turned out to friends, events of the past were breathing real, native voice suddenly resounded with sharp clarity. I did not notice that irrigated dry crust with her tears, and fiery hot. But no, they were not tears - it was burning flame of hatred that has brought so much misery to my new-old house.
My body was in a fever, consciousness revolved around the events, to remember that I struggled with all my heart, but was unable to recreate the past, only a few images of tortured me inaccessibility.
- Wake up, my child, - a soft voice came right over my ear, so I felt a warm breath on his skin. - Wake up!
- Hmmm? - I mumbled, unable to break out of the tart embrace a nightmare in which I found myself.
- Wake up! - The voice repeated. Not men, not women, and the voice of nature, natural nature, the essence of life. Human and animal, smooth and rough, strange and familiar, forcing the heart to tremble with joy of the meeting after a long separation.
- Who are you? - I whispered, barely audible. Strength seemed to have left me with memories passing by.
- Do you know who I am, - said a voice quite close, surrounding me echo their presence. I realized that the voice is spinning around me, like a little whirlwind, refreshing stream of cool breeze. I began to breathe more easily, and again I was filled with that magical forest harmony, which has come to this amazing place. Despite this, open your eyes I'm still not solved.
- Come on, - affectionately hurried voice - you know who I am. Remember, a child. You are not forgotten.
I tried to get into his mind, a distant memory depth, revealing thoughts toward memories. Before my inner eye opened pearl tunnel with light at the end, and I wasted no time set off on it, towards the light. Yes, here they are! Here are my memories, was very close. I realized - to remember everything I have to go a long way, but a mysterious voice I have now learned.
- Higher! - I immediately opened my eyes as soon as she realized who was rad to me. - Oh, Graduate! Is that you, Timmeyn?
- Yes, my child - her weightless image flickered, the incarnate of a thick whitish haze that surrounded the tree, giant, calling Holt (blood). - Welcome home.
Her lips were not Dinul, which means it is "heralded" by supporting mental connection with me, sending a stream of his thoughts directly into my consciousness.
- I do not remember ... - I was broadcasting in return. I got up from the ground, looking at her face, long, ethereal, beautiful. Silver hair High Elf soared along with a translucent robe, intertwined imperceptible wind. She was slender and high above me almost two heads, elegant, as well as all the elves. In addition, Timmeyn was one of the highest.
- It is not necessary, a child - she smiled gently. - You will go through their own destiny again, just finished her otherwise. The Board of Higher grants you a chance to correct the story.
- I do not understand ...
- It's not scary. It will come with time.
- How I got here? - I looked around, considering the magic meadow. Now, it seemed to me painfully familiar and in my heart I rejoiced in anticipation of happiness, once experienced in these places.
- As always, through their dreams - Timmeyn handed me a thin hand, and I reached out to stroke her hand, but my hand went right through the ghostly flesh, and not feeling anything but cool its magical aura.
- Timmeyn ... Where are you? - I regret tetradigitate looked at the elf's hand.
- Here, child, - gentle broadcasting Higher caused me to translate the look on her face. It radiated maternal tenderness ancestor of the tribe. - I was always there. When you were in my world, I knew you'd come, just as I was sure that you'd come back and fix the past, which will be for your future.
- Timmeyn ... - I tried to understand what she wants to convey to my understanding, but my thoughts strayed to his own scraps, so the thought process was useless.
- At the top you will find the Lunar hollow necklace. Take it, it will help bring back some memories, and will help you when the time comes.
I listened to her instructions, silently noting that the image of the elf becomes more blurry. Obviously, the magic of her weakened.
- Your gift is still with you - she pointed a finger at my elegant dress. - Gossamer and morning dew, which is woven out of your clothes. Do you remember, child, your gift?
Frozen crystals on the bodice shimmering dress elastic web of filaments glowing subtle magic of a ghostly beams of both moons.
- Is it my job? - I eyed amazement masterpiece, which was clothed in my body.
- It's not just a job - I was broadcasting Timmeyn. - It is a talent that brings benefit and happiness. Appreciate it, take care.
- If I can remember how to manage this magic? - I looked doubtfully at her huge eyes the color of the liquid silver.
- You will gain it again, as well as itself.
- But ...
- Do not hesitate, child. Procrastination is a barrier - its broadcasting was weakened by the minute. - Beware of the necklace, and follow the call of your heart.
The image Timmeyn almost faded. I heard her voice in my head, I saw the outlines of her slender figure.
- Higher - I desperately heralded - do not leave me!
- I'll be there, baby!
- I'm afraid ... - I squeezed my eyes shut in a senseless desire to capture it, as if it cost me then open your eyes, t it will still be here.
- Do not be afraid! You ...
Her broadcasting quiet. I realized that I was alone with themselves and with Holt, a hollow in the top of which is stored Lunar my necklace. Standing a moment of indecision, trying to collect my thoughts, I looked at the spreading branches of the giant oak tree. Is the tree itself can grow to such epic proportions?
Whitish haze magic completely disappeared, but the scurrying around fireflies lit up the mighty tree bluish and greenish light and moist foliage reflecting their glow. Holt was fine, it was based on the magical energy, the magic of the elves, and I knew that the tree was alive, it hears and understands everything. I can still hear his call-up song, but it sounded more and more slowly as broadcasting Timmeyn gradually disappeared.
We had to hurry up, I soon felt the need to get to the Moon Necklace, besides my curiosity was consumed. I did not think about such issues as "why", "why?" And "how". I just enjoyed the feeling of happiness elusive, eager to know what lies ahead, and what a chance to correct past introduced himself to me.
Climb the thick trunk of an oak was not particularly difficult. I caught hold of the lowermost branch, and then my eyes fell on the ledge, the size tailored to the foot. He was at my feet dangling in the air, so I made the effort and set it right there. Then - a breakthrough, the next branch and a new tab in the crust. Like a tree helped me climb up his body, and even gentle fabric spider dresses do not cling to branches sticking out.
I patiently climbed higher and higher, trying not to look down. Even if by chance my opinion noted the altitude at which I now was, I knew I was not scared, and experience a true delight. But I was driven to get to the end, so just looked up, besides, the tune wood sounded weaker and I was trying to catch before it's all shut up.
At the top I opened a landscape of incredible beauty. Stars crept closer, and the moon became more. I looked around, soaking up the grandeur of unprecedented nature of this world. Wherever missing my view, under the light of the moons stretched Evergreen forests. I could hear the birds singing somewhere below, and to the east is already penetrated pink dawn. I breathed deeply, to enjoy every breath, closed his eyes, enjoying the sweetness of fresh air.
Music tree finally stopped. I knew it right away, and suddenly at me Nakata strong gust of wind. We had to hurry. Hollow was in front of me, it looked like the smallest of all - the size of a protein, it was possible to climb into it.
My hand squeezed through the trash, and I felt for something cool, like a metal, but at this moment the next gust of wind, the stronger and more violent, brushed my bare feet with twigs, and I lost my balance. His fingers tightened around reflexively found in the hollow of the subject, so that cling to anything else I just do not have time.
In my mind flashed was afraid when started my fall. But an amazing tree, like taking care of my well-being, my body is substituted under the branches with a shock of soft leaves. Prophetic images votes Holt, I flew down. However, a collision with the ground was inevitable, and I lost consciousness.

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