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ElfQuest Fanfic Part 2 (google translation)

Chapter 2. The reality of my dreams.

I slowly opened my eyes, coming back to reality. Contrary to the reasonable expectations to be in his own bed at home, I found myself on the cold grass. Body ached mercilessly, the slightest movement hurt, but I was able to overpower her and sit up on his elbows.
A sense of magic has disappeared, leaving only a night forest, but clearing, illuminated by the light of the two moons. I reached to the sky, as if trying to touch the magic of moonlight, disbelief.
I raised my head and the pain in the joints, but the tree of sleep was not anywhere nearby. In general, the forest began only in the distance, the distance to the eye in the dark is almost impossible to define, but I did not try.
The air was clean and cool. I involuntarily shivered from the cold and a little bit of fear. Feelings recent sleep still kept my mind, but I was beginning to realize the reality of what is happening. Alone in a strange deserted place in the middle of the night, hardly remembering the events of last night, I began to be frightened by the rise. We had to somehow preserve the remnants of common sense not to walk to panic, and I took the only available solution - to get up and look for people.

Something pricked my closed hand. I pried his fingers, and a lunar necklace shimmered ghostly light. The incredible beauty of miniature crescent graced the middle of the small jewels of an unknown metal. It was light, but surprisingly strong and I immediately hung it around his neck.
Sleep is an absolute reality. My dress, embroidered with diamonds, semi-transparent and incredibly easy vzmetalos by the slightest breath of wind, and I felt like a nymph, making each step. I remembered the dream that created it from dew and cobwebs, but I could not believe this fact, as well as did not believe that its creator - I am. There is no magic without having to speak of, I was a normal freshman in trouble, and now walked barefoot in the dark, hoping to see you soon with civilization.
Have long to go. By dawn, I was exhausted, but came to a rushing river, where he hurried to get drunk and relax under the thick branches of coastal trees. Both managed to hide the moon, and now on the horizon rose the one and only sweetheart. The day promises to be long and hot, I already knew, as soon as its rays illuminated the surrounding area.
Two of the moon ... never before have I could not imagine something like this, but with the advent of the day I settled down, gradually gave way to shock and surprise. In my head and climbed ridiculous and depressing thoughts about death, heaven, parallel world, madness, and the like. Growling empty stomach brought me out of my reverie just at the moment when I was ready to grab the head and start to panic again.
The only salvation became berries yes orpin find themselves at arm's length from my impromptu vacation spot. Of course, they do not fill the stomach could, but tempered his enthusiasm, and saved me from vertigo. But I clearly understood that for a long time without the aid will not last, and it gave me extra strength and enthusiasm.
I tore off her dress, thus shortening his knee, but the other stuff for knapsack was found, and I gathered berries as I could. It was a pity to see how a masterpiece becomes a household stuff, but hunger is not my aunt, so I threw out the idea of ​​unnecessary head.
Speed ​​step I followed the river, hoping it would lead me to a residential village or on the road. Reigned around the wilderness, and absolutely no sign of human presence. I tried not to lose heart and to keep his act, and then having a bite of ripe berries, homemade nodule. It became increasingly difficult to walk, I languished in the heat and sudden dizziness, and when I could not stand on his feet, suddenly realized that I was going to be sick.
I knelt down and dropped the wallet. Are berries poisonous? On view is absolutely harmless, big, ripe and delicious ... like cranberries to taste, only bigger and more tart ... oh, my grandmother always told not to eat unfamiliar, that is unfamiliar products ... thought quite confused ...
I lay down on his side, closed her eyes. Nausea, buzzing in the ears, and even before the mind's eye all the whirling, whirling, whirling ... So I fell asleep with a fleeting thought that long ago, I was not that drunk.
Awakening was happy and at the same time, not really. Joyful because I found the people! Or rather, it found me. A not very happy because I poked a sharp stone spear.
Shaggy huge man resembled a Neanderthal. Loincloth, bone jewelry and glare introduced me to a screeching halt, and even the pain of the injections his primitive weapons could not withdraw from it. He growled something in his guttural dialect and all the poking and poking and poking ...
I came to, once lifted off the ground, following the sign language of cave men. Came to life because of the gag-rush was still evident proof of my intoxication. I can not believe that drunk cranberries, or whatever her. Drunken berries in general.
The man paused for a moment and then laughed out loud. I looked pleadingly at the Neanderthal with a silent request to turn down the sound of the eyes - so his head was splitting into a thousand grains. I never knew how to drink, and now it is obvious that there is too.
Otsmeyavshis, the stranger removed his spear, appreciating my helplessness. He still treated me from the toes up to the ears with undisguised suspicion, but then waved his hand and helped her up, painfully squeezing my arm. I was screaming into his head and start to fight back, but much of a threat in his face was not, so I'm allowed to put yourself in the foot.
I swayed, my knees were shaking, and his feet were all cotton. Shaggy pulled me to the water, I zaupiralas, fearing that he would drown me, but he continues to pull and muttering. Obeying, I got with it to the river bank and pressed her lips to the water surface. The course was not particularly strong and the strong rays of the sun penetrate to the bottom, warming up the river to a comfortable temperature. I really enjoyed the taste and freshness of the first water. Never have I drank water with delight. I just got distracted when she heard laughter again Neanderthal. Apparently, he was also a concept known as "dry trees" ...
He came close to me and sat down to look at my face. His gaze was prickly, but direct and determined, as in the harsh but simple-minded person. The line was straight lips, big nose, high cheekbones and distinct. Gruff face and dark skin, clothing and the weapon prehistoric stone age ... I stared at him with the same interest as he did.
Finally, he poked me in the chest with his finger and said something in his guttural language. I did not understand and shook her head. He cocked his head to the side, a moment thinking about something, and then asked for the clumsy English:
- Your name is what?
I was numb. This caveman was just talking in English? I must have been asleep in the asylum ... It's some absurd nightmare. It felt like home to her mother and grandmother to regret it, fed, caressed ... Far, far away from this madness.
- Understand? - He said, doubtfully knitting his bushy eyebrows.
I came to herself and covered her mouth, nodding affirmatively. He smiled from under the black mustache seemed big white teeth.
- Name? - He repeated the question. And then he added, clapping his hand to his chest - the name - Girak. Name?
- Alina - I whispered.
- Ina? - He asked, leaning closer.
I nodded again, for some reason.
- Ina - said Girak like clarifying and he called me a new name.
I still could not believe it and understand what we say in English, but then again he asked, looking at me with suspicion translucent dress. I was not myself.
- You - the demon? - Savage touched weightless fabric, tried otkovyryat cracked nail sparkling in the sun stone.
I'm incredibly surprised unexpected question, considering the man in the face.
- I am - a man! - My answer was a little offended, but I responded to the very real English. Even in school I learned it perfectly, but I never thought that one day will use the knowledge in the Stone Age.
- Nah - he just grunted in response and pushed my shoulder, so I leaned over the water surface, then again, so I bent down low and could see his reflection. - Not like people. You - a demon.
I peered into the rushing stream. The reflection was blurry, but I could see the big eyes, a nose and a neat full lips. Not a bit like yourself, but basically, not much has changed ... There was some sort of elusive aura, or is it within the river distort my image? Is that hair is thicker and longer, as well - all mine, familiar, and those extra pounds, and pimples on the nose. But I knew without a mirror of the river - to the touch.
In general, I am me, a man has been, is and will be, and the demons - only in fairy tales and movies are. Or here's a madhouse such as this one ...
- I am - a man - I looked back at him.
Girak held out his hand, touched my eyelids, pulled by the ears, over and over again. Painfully poked in the chest, and counted on the fingers of my hand, comparing them with his own. I wondered what the demons with which I managed to compare caveman, but he was ahead of me.
- Yeah ... like a man. The ears are small. Five fingers. Short only as demons. Cub?
With the last words he stood up to his full height rather big, pulling me up by the wrist. Girak was a giant, wiry and strong. Now I could see it ... But I had to lift up his head, as the growth of Neanderthal man I married only to his waist ... interesnenky little matter turns out, all my life I thought that cavemen were slimmer - the better to hide ... in caves. And then the real uncle Stepan Stone Age.
- And it is not young, - I muttered resentfully.
I wisely decided not to be surprised. Too many interesting facts around, so it's best to leave thinking finally, when you have time and desire to break down.
Meanwhile Girak already decided what to do next. So do not let go of my hand, he rushed to the bottom of the river, dragging me along. "Home" - only he blurted out, and I did not object. Also, still not recovered from the berries of drinking. His legs were longer than mine twice, and I was practically impossible to keep up with the giant. In the end, I pounded on his forearm with his free hand, as the cry of forces was not there.
- Halt - I pulled his hand out of his legs and collapsed in exhaustion face in the grass.
- Ha ha ha, - laughed Girak deep throaty laugh. - Demons do not get tired!
He seems utterly convinced of my human nature, but my optimism is not added. I pressed her hot cheek against the wet grass and blissfully inhaling her scent - fresh, clean, a little tart. Houses - in - so do not wallow, do not understand and in the dog can easily get surprises.
- Water - Neanderthal man took pity and gave me a leather flask. - Poor woman - he shook my biceps, as soon as I got up to take a drink. - The bad worker.
He scratched his stubbly chin in thought, and I finished her all the water entirely.
- Uh ... - I protested. - Actually, I was a librarian for a month last year, so do not slander ... but is rather weak - it's so ...
I sighed thoughtfully, passing it the emptying of the tank, and we were in an awkward silence. More precisely, it is for me, it was awkward because I was painfully trying to figure out whether he will throw me after these words or curiosity will win and we will ride again in an unknown direction.
- Relax - with these words Girak sprawled right here on the river bank. The shadow of the nearest bush covered his head, and he closed his eyes. Well, then do not give up. And it's good ... it's better than being a quite alone in this strange place ...

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